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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She said I was 19 years old !!!!

This morning at work, a new associate told me at lunch time that she guessed I was around 19 years old !!!! (Yeeeaaahhh!!!) She tried many times to guess how old I was but none of her answers were right. Then she gave up !!!! After I told her when I was born, she screamed.......(Oh Noooo!!!!). She asked me what my secrets were. I had no idea to answer it but I tried to answer that I always ate a lot of rice, vegetables, fruits and drank a lot of water. She compared me with her and said again that she was not as slim as like me and she tought it could be the kind of food she consumed.

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Jennie 11:18 PM  

Aduh senengnya, Mbak Fida dibilang 19 years old. :)

Aku lagi "nakal" nih intip blog teman2 bentaran... ;) He he he.. bosen manyun ajah.

Nighty nite,
Jennie S. Bev

(ps kapan2 aku call ya, kalo sudah nggak batuk tuk...)

Fida Abbott 11:45 AM  

Ada senang ada nggak enaknya Mbak Jennie. Senangnya krn kelihatan muda teruuus, tapi nggak enaknya krn kelihatan lebih muda maka seringkali direndahkan kapabilitasnya. Mesti begitu setelah mereka ngelihat sendiri hasil pekerjaanku/karyaku, baru mereka realize kalau aku bukan seperti yg mereka kira (anak sdg beranjak dewasa, hua,ha...!!!). Tapi suka juga krn teruuus buat kejutan-kejutan kpd banyak orang!!!!!!!!

Trims berat loh aku terus dikunjungi. Ntar aku infoin no. tlp-ku via email ya.

Moga cepet sembuh, dan nggak boleh nakal, pakai intip-intip segala, ntar kelilipen loh....(ha,ha...)

Indah 11:47 AM  

Mauu donnks disangka masih 19 th, hihihi.. :D

Fida Abbott 6:33 AM  

Ayo dikirim fotonya full body and close up, ntar aku nilai nih kira-kira Indah termasuk 19thnan apa nggak (ha,ha....bilang aja kalau pengin lihat fotonya Indah,habis nggak ada fotonya di Blogmu).

Lam Maniiiis,

Ikhwan Sopa 12:09 AM  

Salam kenal Fid. Thanks udah mau mampir ke blog ku. Jangan bosen ya? Sukses selalu.

Ikhwan Sopa
Trainer E.D.A.N.

Fida Abbott 10:47 AM  

Salam kenal balik Mas Ikhwan. Thanks juga sudah mampir ke Blog ini dan tinggalin komen di sini.
Sukses selalu juga buat Mas.


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