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Monday, April 02, 2007

Remembering of Chrisye

Chrisye, an Indonesia composer, musician and a legendary singer is one of my favorite legendary singers in Indonesia. This morning when I was editing the articles at KabarIndonesia, I have activated a new article about Chrisye. Someone has written that he has passed away on last Friday because of his lung cancer. I was sad reading this news. I still remember the song that the writer has written in his article. That was one of his songs I really liked. Do you still remember this lyric?? (....resah, rintik hujan, yang tak henti menemani, sunyinya malam ini, bila dirimu jauh dari diriku, selamat jalan kekasih,.....). I felt the same like this writer has felt already. There are something in this song that can bring our heart there....I don't know... but it is really touchable.

The last searching about Chrisye's song/video clip at You Tube, Seperti Yang Kau Minta (It's Like You Asked) as the title of this song before I heard this sad news, I saw how thin and pale he was. I thought there were something happened with him but I didn't try to find out what was happened until this news is its answer.

I have noticed his wise words he ever told as I write below :

......bahwa menjadi besar bukanlah suatu kebetulan. Saya pribadi tak mempercayai faktor kebetulan. Saya yakin bahwa segala pencapaian sebetulnya memiliki proses yang kerap tidak disadari. Waktulah yang akan membuktikan bahwa setiap detik yang kita lewati, setiap tindakan yang kita lakukan, dan setiap keputusan yang kita ambil memiliki kontribusi pada apa yang akan kita raih kelak ( become big isn't a coincidence. I myself don't believe the coincident factor. I am sure that all of the reachesness actually have the process that we don't feel consciously. Time will prove it that every second we have passed it, every action we have done, and every decision we have taken will have the contribution for everything we will reach for the future).

Yes, Chrisye.... I agree because I have experienced it in my life. Everything doesn't come instantly, it always needs something to reach it. It is the PROCESS. That is why I never humiliate the small thing even it is just very small thing or nothing in my life, because I believe, the big things come from the small things. That is one of my Mottos in my life.

I hope you will have nice rest at HIS place. Amen!!!

Some collections of Chrisye video clips :

Kala Cinta Menggodaku (When Love Tempts Me)

Cintamu Tlah Berlalu (Your Love has been gone)

Pergilah Kasih (Go, Darling!)

Untukku (For Me)

Cinta Yang Lain (Other Love)

Surga dan Neraka (Heaven and Hell)by Chrisye and Ahmad Dhani

Kangen (Miss You)

Menunggumu (Waiting For You), by Chrisye and Peterpan (Ariel)

Damai Bersama-MU (Peace Be With YOU)

My Poetry for him, Engkau Telah Pergi, Chrisye (You have gone, Chrisye).
(It is my 20th poetry at KI)



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