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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I can not wait for spring. It means I should be ready with all my Gardening Tools. I am so excited. I have planted some strawberries in a hanging basket and I will wait for 2 weeks so the roots will be stronger when I hang this basket. I am planning to plant some new plants, like grape, red cannas and violet gladiols. I am going to try a water Lily someday soon.

A photo above shows about a half of my gardening tools I have brought out from the closet and they are ready to be used.

Ariel was so happy, she could play out side again. Look at her! She jumped and jumped at our house back yard.

I think I will start more activities special for my gardening tomorrow.



Anonymous 1:39 PM  


Ariel was jumping for joy for the strawberries you planted! :)

Fida Abbott 9:10 PM  

Hua, ha, was for joy for welcoming SPRING !!!!


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