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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Special Warning to Everybody Who Lives in The Countries those have Four Different Weathers

1. Must have the smoke detector in your house
2. Must have the home insurance
3. Must have life insurance

I write those 3 points because remembering the really huge tragedy that was happened with my friends family. Last week, 4 people got killed in the trailler fire because their house didn't have the smoke detector. The worse things, 2 victims were my friend's children (8 & 10 years old) and my friend didn't registered them to get Life Insurance that Walmart offered. But Walmart didn't close its eyes, Walmart would like to support the food for both funerals, a couple who were my friend's parent, Rob and 2 children who were also my other friend's children, Diane.

A News about the tragedy above from Daily Local News : Trailer Fire Kills 4

I also wrote an articel that we could learn several things from this huge tragedy at KabarIndonesia as my 14th article there : Peringatan Khusus Untuk Mereka Yang Bermukim di Negara-negara Berempat Musim (The Special Warning To Everybody Who Lives in The Countries those have Four Different Weathers)



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