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Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekly Top Views 1/27 - 2/4 in KI version

After I saw that one of my articles Nge-Blog Di Situs Barack Obama was published at KI and got a quick comment from a reader, I was so sure if this article would be booming at Kabar Indonesia. I am not false at all, finally this morning I checked for Weekly Top Views Section and 'YES' it was there in the list of Weekly Top Views Period 1/27 -2/4, 2007 at Kabar Indonesia. The news can be in that list if there are most readers click and read it.


Somos Iguales 8:12 AM  

Aku baru baca blog mbak 'Fida. tambah rame sekarang ya. Bagus...bagus..!!! Mbak, Jakarta banjir gak ikut diliput di Kabar Indonesia?? di CNN kan diulas juga plus video banjirnya. Katanya pemerintah kita ini gak bisa ngatasi banjir tahunan ini. Memalukan yo? terus dana banjir yg milyaran itu lari kemana ya??

Have a nice day
Maria Coleman

Fida Abbott 8:15 AM  

Gimana kalau Maria yang nulis aja di Kabar Indonesia tentang kabar dari CNN mengenai banjir di Jkrt. Ayo ikutan rame-rame jadi penulis di Kabar Indonesia!!!!!

Ditunggu ya tulisannya,.....

Somos Iguales 8:18 AM  

Aku iki tipe penulis yg moody. Lek lagi mood ya bisa nulis panjang, lek gak yaa....enggak blas..he..he..tapi kucoba lah ntar. Aku wis daftar jadi penulis kok. Tapi gak tau kapan nulisnya...ha..ha..tunggu aja!

Maria Coleman


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