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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Poetry : Valentines Day

As we had celebrated Valentines Day 2 weeks ago, I would like to share what the gift I got from my husband and also what I gave to him.

It was difficult enough to pick what the best stuff you would give to your beloved one especially in the Valentine's Day. There were so many Valentine's stuffs those were more feminine, like roses, chocolates, many kinds of bears, etc those had red theme in their colors. I would like to give a really different and special thing to my husband that came to my heart.

Several days before Valentines Day I wrote 3 poetries at online newspaper Kabar Indonesia in celebrating this day. I hadn't taught at that time that I would like to pick one of them to my husband until a night before that day coming, I found a Valentine card on the dinning table for me from my husband. I opened it and I was impressed and touched by a poem on it which said :

A chance meeting
became a smile
became a conversation
became a touch
became a kiss
became a knowing...
...became destiny

I'm so happy
we found each other

Happy Valentine's Day

I love you,
Your Husband


Although it wasn't written by him but he had chosen a right card for me. Those words in the poem reminded me as our nostalgia in our relationship we ever had before we married. Then this poem inspired me to give one of the poetries I had written and had been published at Kabar Indonesia as I translate bellow from Indonesian to English :


my soulmate is a half of my soul
a half of my life
a wing of my single wing
so we can fly perfectly

when I am down
he will be down
when I rise
He will rise
whereever I go
he will be there for me
whenever I need him
he will be always at my side

when the suffering unsheathes me
he is my comfort
when crying attacks me
he is my arm-rest
when the sadness comes
he is my support
when the happiness approaches me
he is my joyful

I know he is not perfect
his pluses and minuses
good and bad
I accept and love him
as the way of he is


Do you want to know what the respons I got from him?... A kiss and a great conffesion flied on my right cheeck. He said, "I love the gift that comes from the heart. I want to cry everytime I read that poetry. Thank you, Honey. It was the best Valentine gift I ever had".

What a wonderful Valentine Gifts for both of us!




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