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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


One day a Famous Indonesia Writer wrote an email for me, asking me to give the comments for his next book that would be published soon. He said that my comments would be published at the comments section in the part of his book. Wuiiii !!!!.... I was so excited and surprised too. I never thought that someone like him would ask me to do it although I ever had a thought that I really wanted someday my comments would be enough valuable for someone's writing in a book. So it would be special for me and was a great appreciation for me.

The end of the paragraph stole my attention. He wrote a question, 'What is your opinion about living together without married ??' after he wrote several things even pro and contra about this case which he used fun and slang words as his unique ways in every topic of his writing. Because of my interest on it, I wrote my opinion and I sent to Kabar Indonesia online newspaper as my 11th article there.

Here is a little short cut of my article that I gave the title Seputar Pendapat Mengenai Cara Hidup 'Kumpul Kebo' (An Opinion about LTWM) which I have translated from Indonesian to English :

The Second Paragraph :

Talking about 'living together without married', as I am from the eastern culture have no the same direction in the thought with them who are from the western culture (who are 'pro'). I will always give the respect and uphold highly my eastern culture. Even from deep of my heart I have no the same opinion with this life style with or without the influences of the religious things for the reasons. If we really want to to know more about our partner, we should maintain the longer relationship with him/her until we really feel and sure that we really want to spend the rest of our life with him/her. Of course we should not forget to respect eachother to bring that serious realtionship in the positive things, either to put God in every aspect of our life in deciding who would be our future husband/wife.........



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