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Monday, February 05, 2007

Kabar Indonesia Brochure

Front Cover
Page 2

Who and what is

The online newspaper is The People’s Newspaper. All the news that has been published is from the public and also is read by The Public. It means the readers will choose and decide their own news. The news is not chosen by the editors.

At the online newspaper every registered reader (citizen) can be a reporter as well as a writer. That is why we call our reporter is “Citizen Reporter” – Pewarta Warga. Right now there has been thousands of writers as Pewarta Warga in Kabar Indonesia, so we can say that Kabar Indonesia has the most reporters in Indonesia.

At every person can be an extraordinary person and the news can reflect this.

The online newspaper Kabar Indonesia is supported by thousands of the writers in the world. It is the loudspeaker of the people.

The online newspaper Kabar Indonesia is also a future media or ‘gotong royong’ (collaborative content creation) newspaper according to the motto : “From Us To Us”.

Page 4
Citizen Reporter

We prefer to call these people “pewarta warga or citizen reporter”. They are not connected with/by electronic public media (online) or other certain published public media. Therefore, they are able to freely express their opinions and their thoughts.

The People Journalism is the journalism of the grass root that appears and grows from bottom to top, it is not from top to bottom.
Type of this citizen journalism also can be called advocate journalism, because every writer is able to report or tell their efforts. For example, writing about environment pollution, from firing the jungle to the scolding of hot mud.
They are able to describe all the events that happen in and around their environments and not only the news. They speak of true life and personal experiences. So we can tell this news is not only the regular news but news with feeling. This is why the online newspaper utilizes citizen reporters.

Page 6 - 7
Who is The Reporter and The Reader of Kabar Indonesia?

The online newspaper is a two direction media, which the reader can be a writer and the writer is the reader according to the motto “From Us To Us”.

Therefore, you can be sure that the writer or the citizen reporter from Kabar Indonesia is identical with the reader of Kabar Indonesia too. The published news at is the news and voices from the readers themselves.

Enclosed below is a statistical description of :
Who is the citizen reporter of Kabar Indonesia

Page 10 The online newspaper Kabar Indonesia : The Future Media

Sinar Harapan newspaper edition November 21st, 2006 called Kabar Indonesia “The Future Media”. Beside that, Kabar Indonesia was awarded Five Stars by the consumer voice at It is also acknowledged by German Deutsche Welle Radio and Taiwan International Radio.

It can not be denied that the habits of news consumers has changed. They prefer to read the news through online media rather than other electronic or printed media. The online newspaper has been visited by hundreds of thousands of readers as we can see the enclosed graphic below.

Page 12 The etiquette of Kabar Indonesia Citizen Reporter

The sent news must be informative and contribute to improve the life in Indonesia. It must be useful for the readers and helps to improve their lives and environment.

All the writings those are sent by the reporter :
- have to be actual and responsible
- do not offend, insult the individual, religion, ethnic or gender
- are not pornography or rude to others
- are not provocative
- are not plagiarized (copying from another) and do not violate copyright laws

Back Cover

I would like to thank to :

- Mang Ucup who had given me a big trust to translate the scripts from Indonesian to English to make this brochure

- My husband who had supported me in the final of the translation process



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