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Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 Days Before Christmas

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What do you wish for Christmas????

If you ask me back then I should answer it.
I wish someday I want to be a Secret Santa. It will be very unique because I am a female so I should think how designing my costume but the most important thing is how I share the Christmas gift to everybody who really need it. Because of as my position right now as a Director of Ariel, Inc hasn't been enough yet to effort it so I may have another wish, I will win a very big sweeptakes someday. Before I begin to do the activity as a Secret Santa, I will buy a new big car that can load my whole family, my husband and my 4 children to help me giving the Christmas Gift. We will celebrate the Christmas with the Homeless people, the Orphan Children and the old people in Nursing Home. I will remind them about the most important message in celebrating Christmas. It is not about the visible presents they get but the invisible present, the Christmas spirit should come to their heart too. It is not only for every Christmas every year but everyday could be Christmas day in their life. We will also sing the Christmas Carol together and my son may play his guitar. Maybe my youngest daughter can be a Christmas Dancer and everybody can dance with her too. I also bring my homemade Christmas cake and Christmas cookies then my husband may make the delicious mix drinks to them. I also asked them what they wish for next year Christmas and I will make a list to them then we may come back again next year to celebrate Christmas together.




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