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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Your Inputs and Comments are waited

Dear Family, Friends and Other Readers,

As I tried little hard to make my Blog better and better. I have improved it so all Family, Friends and Other Readers may stay longer at my Blog and enjoying to read it. It contains many sources, from free music and movie download, getting involved in the survey and make money just for fun, or maybe if you are interested to download Satelit TV for PC, you can enjoy watching all International Channels, or maybe for landscape or plants lover, you can find more details informations how you can save more money for making your own landscape without Professional hands or maybe you want to do it to increase the value of your home and don't forget : never miss for new ads by Google!!!
I will try to make more better improvements every time I have more free time. Except it is for fun, I also learn a lot about the new things those can make my Blog more useful and more fun for all of you!!!!
So Please, don't hesitate if you have some positive ideas, inputs or comments for this Blog so it may be a Blessing for everyone. You can drop your ideas, inputs or comments by clicking the "comment" under this post. The Best Idea, Input or Comment will be awarded as my Thankful for your participations. So, don't wait!!! Drop your Ideas, Inputs or Comments here!!! All the Ideas, Inputs and Comments will be closed three weeks after the date of this announcement as we celebrate Thanksgiving next month.
Warm Regard,


Anonymous 12:35 PM  

Oct 31st, 2006
07:56:07 PM

Thanks Fida for the update. Chris Abbott

Maria Coleman 8:51 PM  

I see your blog is getting nicer and nicer. It's always up-to-date (not like my blog which is kinda lousy:( ). It gives other people some bright ideas and actual infos. The stories inspire me to be more creative and confident. And I love to always share any inspiring-worth-pass-on story. Keep up the good work, Fida!

Anonymous 2:16 AM  

HelLo mbak fido2..can i speak mix with Indo..coz until now i can't speak english fluently..btw, in my opinion,ur blog is really sweet with pink..but if i can't suggest something...ur blog not really mm rame gt deh...standard not wit many accesories 4 i think u muz improve it wit such a quiz or games but aso have an education or meaning..coz i really aprreciate all the story that u give,sometimes it's really have deep meaning(bikin sweet)...itu yg aq suka..trus mesti lbi bnyk sharing n photo-photo mbak fid n all fm,fren..biar lbi close gt..okeh okeh.. cya..StePhanie...(FaNi)

Anonymous 4:04 PM  

I love your site.Everything in it is interesting and thoughtful.
Your Husband

Anonymous 12:51 AM  

Komentarku hanya 1 isi dari blogmu...sangat bagus. Masukanku..kalau boleh nih...tiap-tiap cerita ada terjemahannya gitu loh...maklum..aku..kadang-kadang ..agak lama didepan komputer untuk baca..ceritamu.Padahal..aku hanya bisa buka internet paling lama 1 jam...gitu loh...he..he..he..
Ok. Segini aja dulu ya..

*Mamanya Jeremy & Matthew*


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