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Monday, May 29, 2006

This Morning

I could not wait to watch and hear the recent news about earthquake in Central Java, Indonesia this morning from CNN channel. I had to wait around 20 minutes to hear that news. The first news that I heard and watched from TV, I was sad but I was still fine. And the second news, I watched a lady screamed loudly because she got a surgery on her leg without anaesthetia. They are so many people could not save themselves because the earthquake hit them early in the morning when they were sleeping. Automatically my eyes were wet, I had tears on my eyes. I run to the kitchen trying to do something and keep cleaning and cleaning, hoping it could make me feel better. "Oh God, please help them", those were the words I just could say from the deep of my heart. They need more medicines and the anaesthetia stuff because around fifties patients per day who have broken legs have to get surgery. And there are still hundreds patients are still on the line waiting to get the surgery soon. I don't remember exactly how many thousands victims are waiting for the medicines because they get hard injuries. More than that around 80 thousands people waiting for the food and drinks.

My thanks appreciation to all of the people/organization/countries who have supported them in many kinds of helps, financial, food, drinks, medicine, etc. May God blesses you all and values your great help.

Coatesville, May 29th, 2006


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Fida Abbott 9:43 PM  

You're very welcome. Thanks also for spending a lot of time to visit and read my blog.

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