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Friday, May 26, 2006

A Conversation between a Father & his Daughter

When I was in the Elementary School, I was always proud of my father everytime he worn his white Navy uniform. He looked so strong and more handsome 10 times than usually,(he,he....). More than that I was so proud of him because he had visited many other countries when he was in his duty in Navy and went to the school in Dutch many months when my country bought a big modern war ship from there. It wasn't easy if Navy sent their personnels to study there, they should be smart like my father. I wondered what the kind of school he was graduated before he joined in Navy. This was a short conversation I made with him :

Me : Dad, may I know what the kind of formal education you were graduated
before you joined in Navy?
My father : Senior High School
Me : (I was thinking something but my father interrupted me....)
My father : That is why I want you will be graduated in Bachelor someday. You have to graduate from a formal education that is higher than me
Me : Why???
My father : Because I want my children have the higher education than their
father. And it should be like that when you have the children too.
Me : So if I will be graduated from Bachelor, how is about with my
My father : Doctoral or Master Degree
Me : And my grandchildren???
My father : Professor
Me : My great grandchildren?????
My father : President
Me : (Then I was so quite, thinking how old I would be seeing my a great
grandchild becaming a President.......)

That was my a great memory between me & my Dad. That small conversation encouraged me always to do the best as I could in everything I did. Thanks, Dad.


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Thank you for your compliment.

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