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Friday, February 17, 2006

A Joke of The Day

A day before my daughter's birthday I tried to make a funny cake. In the morning I started to make 2 layers of cake & in the evening I started to make frosting & finished decorating it in the night. In the next morning I had a funny conversation with my husband :
Fd : "Honey, why you didn't say anything about the cake"
Gr : "What's cake?"
Fd : "The cake that I made"
Gr : "Where?"
Fd : "At the kitchen"
Gr : "I didn't see a cake there. I saw a RABBIT!!"
Fd : ?????..."Ha,ha....You are right"


JUDITA 4:10 AM  


Fida Abbott 12:29 PM  

Ha,ha... bener kok Dhita, cuman setelah 'Your Story' sekiranya diberi tanda koma atau kalau nggak 'it's'-nya diganti dgn 'is'.

Thanks ya udah berkunjung ke blog-ku. Jangan bosen-bosen. Ya itung-itung utk ngisi cupetnya kerjaan kantor, he,he....(it's just a joke).


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