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Monday, February 13, 2006

An exciting Book about INDONESIA

The true story behind the internationally award-winning PBS television series, Ring of Fire charts the Blair brothers' 10 years journey through the world's largest & least-known archipelago, the islands of Indonesia. Amid seemingly impenetrable rain forests, erupting volcanos, & unimaginable natural beauty, the brothers hoped to capture on film & in words the customs, beliefs, & wisdom of the islands' inhabitants.

Their odyssey began with a 2,500 miles voyage through the Spice Islands, guided by the notorious Bugi pirates, in search of the Greater Bird of Paradise. An entire decade of exploration followed, during which the authors lived among the Asmat cannibal tribe of West New Guinea & the sages & healers of Bali;encountered the man-eating dragons of Komodo & the elusive 'dream wanderes' of Borneo; & learned the legends of starship ancestors in Celebes highlands. With extraordinary courage, humor, & passion for the unknown, they draw us into their extraordinary journey to a magical land where ancient myths still flourish.


maria coleman 9:10 PM  

me and my hubby, Loel, like to watch the PBS programs. one time, we watched one of geographic channel program about Asmat tribe's daily life and the other day was about one tribe in Dayak, Borneo. Loel is always interested to indegenous people. He even wonders if someday we can travel to the remote area in Papua and Borneo. It'd be so exciting!

Fida Abbott 10:23 AM  

Hua, It would be very interesting. Maybe you can make the same thing like the Blair brothers & publish your adventure at your Blog.


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